Risk Control in customizing jeans

By | July 27, 2021

Many jeans wholesalers are worried about customized jeans orders. Today we will introduce some methods to reduce the risk of making custom jeans.
Making custom jeans at the factory is easy
First of all, you should conduct jeans design research. We need to know what style of jeans is popular now, and then let the factory make samples for you. If the samples are qualified, you can place an order to test the market. If the wholesale jeans from China are selling well, you can repeat the order.
Customized jeans have many benefits.
1 You can choose materials or change the design at will. This means you can control the price.
2 If you have a brand, you can request a brand logo on jeans and accessories.
Sometimes you may find it difficult to find the right jeans style to sell. Customized jeans are your best choice.
The right way to wear light color jeans
This helps to make the new series more bleached, so it will not make you look like a forgotten “white snake” member.
Dark denim will always look better than light jeans, just like your charcoal suit is more suitable for a funeral than the Man suit in the Del Monte wardrobe. Today wearing clothes is essentially a violation of the rules, so here are two: yes, you can wear denim of the same color from head to toe; yes, you can do it with blue jeans. Similarly, indigo jeans are the main component of popular matching denim, but especially in the spring, its look and feel are quite depressing. So lighten up.
Although light jeans have the father’s core connotations, they still help to make dark jeans younger than dark jeans. Embrace the high school movie atmosphere of the 80s by adding characters-there are band t-shirts and OG running shoes there. Ideally, not both come from the real 80s. Air Force One has a history of 40 years, but to carry out modern collaboration, your entire vision will return to the future.
Light-colored washed jeans are like a magic wand and can turn any “smart” item into something prepared for the weekend. Under light denim, a pair of chunky Derbies or even Oxfords feels less formal. The contrast between worn jeans and shiny leather creates a transcoding tension, which is the hallmark of all the best clothing at the moment.
It can also work on a belt. You must wear a twill cotton coat to meet the requirements of your in-laws. Clothes worn at night with light-colored washed jeans (why not wear light-colored washed denim jackets) may be seen everywhere. Denim is almost always neutral, but this is especially true of light-wash cheap black jeans. They have bright accents and can be handled skillfully because lighter tones mean less dazzling contrast, if you put a safety orange next to deep indigo, it will pop up suddenly enough to cause a headache.
How bright you decide to go depends on you, but the light yellow and green rush to the natural world, which means that you have a consistent tone above and below the belt, thus blending the overall appearance together. If you like neon lights, the more you show, the harder it is to complete. An orange pullover with light-colored washed jeans is a strength of streetwear, but if you need to lower it, just add a neutral jacket. Sometimes, less is more.