IWC Luxury watches on Tradeshows

By | May 28, 2021

IWC has had a big year. What important lessons has replica IWC learned from such digital performances? We have made significant progress in the connection between people and the efficiency of all of us in being able to communicate with more people in a one-to-one manner compared to the preview period. Be able to do physical things in Geneva.
I fully agree with the whole discussion of “When will a big pilot become a big pilot? Will you become a big pilot at the age of 43?” Then I would say sarcastically: “Well, the original “big pilot” was 55 mm in 1940. So since then, it has been a miniaturized sport.” But just kidding, I think for me, This is not a question of absolute millimeters. I don’t want to fold things into a slightly larger Mark XVIII watch, which feels like a simple, flat, three-handed self-winding watch. For me, the essence and practicality of the Big Pilot is that it has a certain sense of presence on the wrist, its height is a little bit, and it is indeed different from a slim formal watch.
In this case, we use half-millimeter increments on each dimension until we find a balance point. Roughly speaking, 44 mm looks almost the same as 46 mm. So even if I put these fake rolex watches in front of me, which is 44mm next to 46, you have to look at them twice. From the age of 42, it began to truly become an oversized Mark XVIII. Then at the age of 43, we started to add a little height above the case screen and really adjust the crown size.
When I was talking with the navy by the Chinese lake, the first discussion we had was to literally look at the different color codes in the flying equipment and see this unique military significance, in which you combine many different materials in Same color code together. This does have a tactical background, but it has been largely transferred to clothing. Moreover, whether you are looking at sports shoes or other outdoor technical equipment, you can see that this tone is popular even in fashion. And I think this duality really inspired my Mojave Desert color code, because you have a clear military background, which is actually a soft color code for the hot and arid desert environment. But at the other end of the spectrum, it just gives you a very interesting appearance.
I have a BMC road bike that is completely in the Mojave Desert color. This is their road machinery that is completed in the entire desert. Therefore, I like to use sneakers with these replica watches and bicycles. This is where you have the elements of a fashionable lifestyle. This is not really a simple military use, but how this color works.