Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” – Caliber

By | September 14, 2021

The new 3285 caliber now has a three-day power reserve, an improved escapement, and a ball-bearing rotor.
As is always the case with Rolex, an official chronometer certificate from the COSC, the Swiss testing institute, confirms the high level of precision at all temperatures and positions. The company’s own internal standards provide for more stringent adjustments to the daily average between -2 and +2 seconds per day. On the chronograph, our tests expressed these higher expectations, showing an average deviation of just -0.5 seconds. All six positions remained between -2 and +2 seconds, with a maximum position deviation of only 4 seconds. There is a controlled drop in amplitude between the vertical and horizontal positions.
At $9,250, the GMT-Master II remains in the middle of the pack. There are more economical manufactured alternatives with a second-time zone, as well as more expensive ones. But few other manufacturers can keep up with fake Rolex when it comes to retaining value. Very limited numbers of this new version have been available since May 2019 – and interested buyers will need to plan for longer delivery wait times in the coming years.
Rolex hits the bulls-eye with the new version of the steel, black, and blue GMT-Master II. Although the design has undergone only minor changes over the past 60 years, the replica watch has become a classic, appealing for its timelessness rather than looking dated. The Batman’s color is more reserved than the bright red of the Pepsi, and can easily be worn with a suit. the Jubilee strap matches the watch well. Rolex replica has also improved the technology with a new movement that offers the benefit of an extended power reserve.
In terms of functionality, Rolex offers more features than most other manufacturers – extending from the bracelet to its time zone adjustment. In addition, accuracy, readability, and wearing comfort are all at the highest level. We would have preferred to see a transparent case-back – Rolex can produce enough timepieces to meet demand.