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Risk Control in customizing jeans

Many jeans wholesalers are worried about customized jeans orders. Today we will introduce some methods to reduce the risk of making custom jeans.Making custom jeans at the factory is easyFirst of all, you should conduct jeans design research. We need to know what style of jeans is popular now, and then let the factory make… Read More »

The Popular Pleated Peg jeans

Pleated jeans have been criticized extremely in history that some people named their humor site after them. Pleated jeans weren’t endearing and were never taken seriously — except that I wore them frequently in high school in the ’80s, and so did most of my teenage friends. It will happen again because fashion usually repeats… Read More »

4 Levi’s Jeans To Wear This Summer For Men

Guys, it’s time to ditch the snowflakes and start looking for the must-have jeans for spring/summer. We’ve picked out four different styles of wholesale jeans from China‘s iconic brand Levi’s to set your sights on for spring/summer 2020. Levi’s is an affordable brand and their jeans are the ultimate classic, so whether you’re going to… Read More »

Denim Has A History!

Jeans have become a trend these days, but it wasn’t the case since the beginning. Rather, it has definitely had its ups and downs throughout its journey to emerge as a winner. It has become an essential piece of clothing in every wardrobe. The history has been very colorful. Everybody has a past and so… Read More »

Jobber1 Wholesale Jeans 2020 Fall / Winter Fashion Denim Bottoms

The fall/winter 2020 fashion season is upon us. We look forward to being your number one source for quality wholesale jeans.Our selection of wholesale jeans ranges from skinny, western wear cowgirl,, boyfriend, distressed and rhinestone glitter jeans. We also offer a great wholesale selection of Levanta Cola hipster Columbia style jeans.At Jobber1 Wholesale, our discounted… Read More »

The Source of Distressed Jeans

Distressed blue jeans are a part of today’s cultural fabric, a fashion choice so ubiquitous and fashionable that it’s hard to believe that they weren’t always staples in the average wardrobe. Actually, they may have even looked starange at first. If you’ve ever been at a fashion show and marveled at something out of the… Read More »

Next Important Thing for Denim Wholesalers

Denim is a unique but versatile fabric. In the past few years, even in today’s fashion, denim has been used in various clothing such as wholesale jeans, dresses and T-shirts. As denim seems to be the latest fashion trend, the business of denim wholesale suppliers seems to be booming because many companies around the world… Read More »

Jeans Producers Are Paving the Way

Denim is an endless eclectic art. Considering the types and advantages of denim, it is not surprising that denim entered the textile industry and surpassed all other types of fabrics. In all garments that can be made with this fabric, the roots are embedded in denim jeans. Wholesale jeans manufacturers have a huge responsibility to… Read More »

Most Reliable Jeans Manufacturer

If you are searching for the top jeans producer in town, please visit our store. We are the first jeans and pants manufacturing company to provide chic jeans. If there is a brand referring to perfection and satisfaction, it is no doubt our clothing. With more than 2 years of experience in producing and exporting… Read More »