The Source of Distressed Jeans

By | July 3, 2020

Distressed blue jeans are a part of today’s cultural fabric, a fashion choice so ubiquitous and fashionable that it’s hard to believe that they weren’t always staples in the average wardrobe. Actually, they may have even looked starange at first. If you’ve ever been at a fashion show and marveled at something out of the ordinary, you might be surprised to think that some of your favorite or most wearable clothes, including worn light blue jeans, used to look weird.
Here’s a brief history of whoelsale jeans and how to make them look like the way they do.
Jeans were originally designed by Levi Strauss in the late 19th century, who discovered that denim could be made into wearable, durable pants that were also comfortable for working-class men. Jeans became so popular because of their mix of durability and confort, and they become a casual wear after work. Fashion often takes its cues from uniforms, such as military boots or carpenter’s pants, and classic light blue jeans have a similar origin.
It was reminiscent of the 1970s, a period of cultural anxiety and youthful rebellion that was commemorated by popular music. Johnny Rotten, known as the father of British punk, helped build a counterculture that revolted against the conservative and restrictive customs of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain. The first punks were so influential in fashion that they ripped jackets into vests and pinned slogans on pants and T-shirts. Comfortable and purposefully non-professional denim became punk’s material of choice. Their jeans, especially generic products such as light blue skinny jeans, are emblematic of their vows to deconstruct Britain’s conservative ideology.
So, what are distressed jeans? Any demin product with tears, holes, wear, frays and other visible signs of damage can be called distressed. In North America late 1970s, the style borrowed from British punk and adapted to the rebellious desires of American youth. From Iggy Pop to Kurt Cobain in the early 1990s, wholesale jeans have been popular as a comfortable yet stylish way to show your allegiance to the punk spirit of the world.
In the new millennium, distressed jeans have almost lost their only punk style and are now just a great fashion statement, especially now that you can find a brand new jeans designed with an old look. In today’s fashion world, contrast is all the rage, so pairing neatly tailored top, such as a polo shirt or blazer, paired with worn light blue jeans will make you look stylish and versatile, able to be both refined and relaxed at once.